Thursday, June 01, 2006

Road Trip to Altata

Scott, Chino, and I took off to seek wind and adventure in Sinaloa. We got to Culiacan Sunday evening, got some food, saw a movie, and drove into Navolato to stay at a hotel that I had stayed at before. A room for three was 400 pesos, about $12 each - not bad. There isn't much going on in Navolato but it is a very pleasant city of about 30,000 people and just 15 minutes to the beach. There are two parts to the beach community of Altata, where we spent the next couple of days. Old Altata is on the bay and has several blocks of sea food stands and restaurants right on the waters edge. We had some great food there. New Altata is a resort on the ocean side. Very nice. Everything is beautifully done and well maintained, and the beach is gorgeous. We didn't have as much wind as we would have liked but had some surf to play in that more than made up for it. Probably the thing that has impressed me the most about this beach is the people that I have met there. David Garcia and Hector are two guys that work at the beach and do whatever they can to help out including loaning us surf boards and launching and catching kites. I met them the last time I was here and it was great to see them again. On the last day we met Marcela, a beautiful girl from Culiacan that just started to kite in January. She ended up showing us around a bit and taking us out to a great dinner. I wish I could have had more time to kite with her as she is just fun to be around. Meeting great people is a big part of what makes kiting such a great sport.

Above and below are photos from the beach at Nuevo Altata.

Food, drink, and live mariachi music at the waters edge.

In the center of town in Navolato.

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