Saturday, March 24, 2012

De Vez en Cuando

Once in a while we get a few days of wind but they are separated by too many days of relative calm. The forecast is calling for light northwest wind all next week, and there is a good chance that it will blow good enough every day. Last year the last part of our season was very good and I'm hoping that this will be the case again this year.

Monday, March 19, 2012

I was in Tucson most of last week but I don't think I missed much wind. We were expecting nice wind yesterday but it was almost dead calm. And cold. The cold air is going to last another day and then warm back up on Wednesday. Forecast calls for good wind the next two days and then nothing again for awhile.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Saturday Report

There was no sign of wind up until after 2:00pm Saturday afternoon. It looked like the wind wasn't going to show up, contrary to the forecast. Then the wind started. Nothing real strong but gusting close to 20 knots. There were lots of kites on the beach waiting. And waiting. The wait was worth it - the wind was wonderful. 12 kites on the water, all in the "sweet spot," made things a bit crowded and crazy but it all worked out okay. The forecast doesn't look so good for this week.

Friday, March 09, 2012

Strong Wind

The wind blew hard all day yesterday and looks like it will do the same today. Saturday looks a lot more mellow. Once the wind came around from the northwest yesterday it was nuking and stayed that way all day. By 3:00pm no one was on the water. It was too much work to be on the water with my 10M kite and I was all alone, so I went home early. Today I'm working, so I'll see you all Saturday.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Nasty but Fun

We've had wind. Sometimes very strong, sometimes gusty, and sometimes changing directions; but always fun. Looking for another good day today, Sunday. Then the forecast is for it to back off for a couple of days and start up again on Wednesday.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Not for the Faint of Heart

It is going to nuke today and Saturday according to Buoy Weather. It has been blowing every day since Tuesday, and looks like it may continue to blow for a while with only a minor interruption early next week.