Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New England Weather

I am in Cape Cod, Massachusetts until the middle of September. New England is known for its fickle weather and this week has been even stranger than normal. We had near record cool weather for five days and now we are to have record heat this weekend and then return to record cold early next week. Going from highs in the sixties to high nineties and then back again. Wind has been in the 10 to 14 knot range until today when it picked up to over 20. My big kite is now a 14M '07 North Rhino and it has more low end power than any of the bigger kites that I used to fly. Most of the week I was the only one at the beach but today, Friday, there were seven or eight guys out on the water. Tomorrow should be even busier with predictions of hot weather and wind in the 20's.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Calm Sea

We have had a few days of weather and waves coming from the south this season but it has been a lot calmer than usual. Most mornings the view from my porch is like in the photo below.

Very pretty, but very flat. Often during the summer there will be big swells crashing against the sea wall in front of my house. So far, there has been very little tropical storm activity south of us to generate the waves. It is still early, though, as the hurricane season tends to be busier in September and October.

The Grey Dawn is back in the water. I owned this boat for a dozen years. The new owner, Maria, had it out of the water and just put it back in about a month ago. It is nice to see it ready to cruise.

Saturday I'll be back in Cape Cod to spend a month. Should be able to kite at least half the days that I'll be there. It will be a nice change anyway, even if the weather doesn't cooperate.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Wake Me Up When the Summer is Over

The trip to Cape Cod was a nice break and I'll be going back in just a couple of weeks.

Thank God!

San Carlos is pretty boring this time of year. It is hard to find something that you want to do outside because the heat is oppressive. It isn't bad if you are just sitting at home in front of an air conditioner or even outside in the shade if there is a breeze blowing on you. You can still get out hiking or biking or kayaking but how long do you really want to be out in this sun? To me, even sailing or going fishing is just too much sitting around and baking.

I still get to the gym on a regular basis and Saturday I went spearfishing and got a nice cabrilla. I also managed to get out kiteboarding for a couple of hours on Sunday; so I do get out of the house. Maybe it is just because I am comparing the weather here to that of Cape Cod that is making me complain so much.

In Cape Cod it was a joy to do anything outside, and there are lots of places to go and things to see and do. So, I ask, what am I doing here in San Carlos? Good question. I don't plan on making the same mistake next year. This is the 14th year that I have spent at least a part of the summer here and that is enough. To all of my friends that keep inviting me to go visit them in some other location - BE WARNED - I am coming.

All right, enough ranting. Here are some more photos from Cape Cod.