Saturday, June 23, 2007

Just Not Enough

Last Thursday we had an almost perfect day. Wind was out of the northwest, the water was warm and flat. Haven't had much since. A few days the south wind has looked promising but just hasn't been enough. Another problem with the southerly wind is that it brings up Portuguese Man of Wars from the tropics. There were lots on the beach the other day, but only a few still in the water.

Most days are still nice out at the beach. This shot below was over at the Condos Pilar.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Northwest Wind

Monday we had enough wind out of the South for a few of us to get out on the water over at Pilar Condominiums. Then on Wednesday the wind switched to the northwest and we had a great day out at the kite shack. Jorge, Ken, Chip and Jeff all had great sessions, except that Jeff had to be carried of the beach after crashing while attempting an overpowered kite loop. OOps. The forecast calls for a few more days, off and on, of northwest wind so we are all looking forward to getting in some rare summertime kiting.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

It Sure Is Quiet Here

I've been back in San Carlos for a week now and there isn't much going on here. A lot of the people that didn't pack up and get out of town during the Easter exodus are getting ready to leave now. The weather, especially on the water or at the beach, is still nice but it is quickly heating up. Thursday we had enough wind to get out kiteboarding but not enough to be powered up to do much jumping.
There are still plenty of other activities such as diving, kayaking, fishing, hiking, etc. but there are fewer and fewer people interested in doing stuff like that. This town is becoming more of a retirement and residential community and less a tourist destination. I have trouble getting myself motivated to do stuff because I've been doing the same things in the same places for thirteen years here. It used to be that you put up with the lousy restaurants, the poor service and the corrupt police because the beauty of the area and the cheap prices made it worth it. Now they are fencing off the desert and the beaches and building condos in all the nicest places and the prices are no longer cheap. The people that used to come here to hang out for a season and enjoy all the activities can no longer afford to come here. I still have a waterfront apartment for $500 a month so I am not moving out yet, but I'm definitely looking for a better place to live than San Carlos.

Hopefully I can talk more about kiteboarding in the next blog post.

Later, Don
Chuburn√°, Yucatan