Sunday, December 21, 2014

It's Nice to be Back

After being out of town for more than three weeks it was nice to be back on the beach. It'll be awhile before I'm on the water again but I really enjoy the beach, the sun, all the activity, and of course the great bunch of kiters that show up every time the wind blows.

The wind was up and down a bit today. As low as 15 and as high  as 25 at times. Not bad. We should have at least two more good days. I wasn't in the water but the temperature chart says it is still 70 degrees - that's crazy.

The tide was really low today and you could see how rocky our area is this year. Makes it rough coming and going from the beach.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Take a Break

I'm still in Tucson but it looks like the wind has been spotty and light, although still lots of kitable days. This week is starting off even lighter but by Thursday the wind should be back and it should stay awhile. I won't be kiting yet but I'm looking forward to hanging out at the beach and watching.

Water temperature chart says it still around 70 degrees. That is at least five degrees warmer than it used to be this time of the year. Last year was warm as well.

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Out Of Action

You won't be getting many reports from me for a bit. I am up in Tucson. I had Prostate surgery Monday that left me with an eight inch incision in my stomach. I hope to be back in Mexico as soon as possible but it's too early to predict when.

I still read the wind predictions and it looks like the season is good right now. Most days are moderate northwest winds.

I miss the strong 30 knot winds we used to get all the time up to a few years ago but considering that our spot to hang out and set up and all that is so exposed it is just as well. It's a lot safer too. We would get equipment breakdowns on a regular basis and way to many injuries. Glenn recently had an encounter with the obstructions in front of the Salsa Bar and we should all support his efforts to at least eliminate the steel posts.

Have fun, ride safe. I'll be back soon.