Saturday, October 28, 2006

Cooler Weather

The northerlies are back but still a bit sporadic. We have had some really good days with wind getting over 20 knots but the wind doesn't stay consistent all day. A bit hit or miss. After a couple of good days we have to put up with two or three lousy days. The water temp has already dropped below 75 degrees so I am having to wear a shorty wetsuit to be able to stay out for extended sessions.

We've had a couple of new people show up and it is always interesting to check out other gear. There is so much stuff out there now and an equal amount of hype about all the gear.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Good Wind is Back

The strong northerlies are back, at least they were for the last two days. The forecast doesn't call for anything for the next five days but they have been wrong before. Yesterday Jeff and I were powered up on 9M kites, first time since last season. I forgot how quick those kites are. So much fun, such big air.

I tried out a couple of new boards that Jeff picked up this summer. I was a little skeptical of his Cabrina Icon 138 because it has a lot of rocker and I was going to use it when the wind was already dying late in the day, but it felt great. The next day I used his 142 Airush in powered conditions and does that board ever dig in. No sliding around the turns, that board grabs the water more than my small boards. It goes where you point it.

The water and air temperatures are still great, but I am already using my shorty wetsuit as the wind gets chilly late in the day. It will be full wetsuit weather in two or three weeks as the water cools off quickly this time of year.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Windy Weekend

Saturday and Sunday we had good north westerly winds.

Both days had several people on the water, and the beach was full of sunbathers. We also had a few quadrunners that kept racing through the area causing havoc, running over boards and peoples belongings.

The weather is great this time of year. The air temperatures get into the upper 80's and the water is in the lower 80's. Unfortunately, the water will cool off quickly and it will soon be wetsuit time again.

One sour note for the weekend was that Carlos Spriu lost his board when he got blown down wind, crashed his kite and got separated from his board. Usually when this happens the board is found when it washes up on the beach on the other side of the bay but being the weekend there were jet skis on the water and lots of people and vehicles on the beach so it must have gotten picked up before Carlos had a chance to find it.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Start of a New Season

The weather hasn't changed much yet but it seems that it is trying We are getting more north-westerly winds, although they have mostly been weak. We get at least one good session in a week. I went out today from the La Manga beach and had an enjoyable afternoon ride but it was marginal and I had to really work it to stay upwind. It should just get better from here on out.

The cooler weather has been good for taking the motorbike out into the desert. We are still getting an occasional rain, making this summer one of the wettest I've seen. The often barren desert is covered with grass and all the bushes and trees that just a few months ago were dry and brown are now lush and green.