Sunday, December 18, 2016

Slow Week

It has been an off week but the forecast keeps promising better days are coming. The prediction for yesterday was awesome, the reality only good. Lots of kiters showed up for what was supposed to be a 20+ knot day but it never got cranked up. Still, not a bad day, and lots warmer than last year.

Friday, December 09, 2016


We've been getting a couple days a week of 20 plus knots. Some days the strong wind is only for a couple of hours, sometimes all afternoon, but it has been good. Today should be nice but next week's forecast is looking low.

Saturday, December 03, 2016


Every season is a bit different. We've had good wind but it hasn't been too predictable. Only once in a while do we get good wind all afternoon. Temperatures had been mild until recently. We are now having a cold spell and the water is cooling off quickly. The highway between here and Hermosillo has been under construction and that creates such a delay that we seldom get many kiters from the capital city so that it usually doesn't get crowded out on the water.

Although our spot is still one of the best places to kite in the world, it does get damn uncomfortable on the beach. It was so nice before the Salsa Bar was built. We had a place to set our stuff and room to sit out of the wind. Now we are stuck out on the point without any protection at all. The new owners are going to be making some changes soon. I hope that they will be agreeable to making our sport better. One simple proposal would be to give us access to to a storage area where we could keep a portable windbreak.
This one is only $23.00 USD but unfortunately it is in England. I am sure that there must be similar ones available here.

In the meantime:

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