Saturday, July 30, 2011


No wind to talk about. This post is mostly a note to myself so I don't forget a solution to a problem I've had. I've been using an Ocean Rodeo Pyro drysuit with latex rubber seals in the winter and it is extremely comfortable. The trouble is that at the end of the first season the seals got "cancer." This cancer is a strange softening and deterioration of the seals. Ocean Rodeo said it was my fault - that I must have contaminated the seals with suntan lotion or something. I said that was bullcrap and they eventually agreed to send me a new set of seals for free. I replaced the seals myself and was very careful to take care of the suit the next year. It didn't matter - it got cancer again. I've tried all kinds of glues and other products to stop the spread of the cancer and strengthen the seal where it was damaged. Well, I found a product that looks like it is working. It is called Vyna Bond by Performix. The label says it has excellent resistance to softening from plasticizer migration. It seems to do the same for rubber.

I would highly recommend a drysuit for water temperatures below 60 degrees but would look for a suit that uses something other than rubber for the seals. Even though Ocean Rodeo denied that there was a problem with their seals, I noticed that they now advertise that their drysuits come with poly-tex seals. (They also raised the price to almost $700 - ouch!)

Right now the water surface temp is around 90 degrees.

Friday, July 22, 2011

A Week Without

It's been almost a week since we had NW wind. Last Saturday was a great day with wind over 20 knots and water temp in the high 80's. Nothing since then. Not expecting anything until October but who knows? Every year is a bit different. The forecast calls for strong southerly on Saturday and while it will be good up at the north end of the Sea of Cortez, I'm not expecting much here. If it seems at all possible, I'll go out by Pilar to try to get a session in. Usually the southerlies are best early - before noon.

The guys at have added a new video of the action down south:

Nice to see that there is wind somewhere.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Wind in July!

The wind didn't have a lot of power behind it, but it was enough to be thoroughly enjoyable. Several kiters showed up and we will probably all be out there again tomorrow. Prediction is for more wind Saturday than we had today.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Weekend Weather

Friday looks promising and Saturday is looking really good. Forecast is for next to nothing on Sunday.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Thursday Wind

We had NW wind today, Thursday. The remnants of the big dust storm that struck Phoenix seemed to pass through town as well. I hit the beach about 1:30 and it was blowing 12 to 15 and later it picked up to 15 to 20. No one else showed up to kiteboard but there were other people on the beach to keep me company.

Maybe it will blow tomorrow as well.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Back to Normal

Well, we had two days of northwest winds but today it is back to blowing out of the south. Unfortunately my interpretation of the forecast was wrong and Thursday was the good day with 20 knots and Friday was only 12 knots. Consequently I was kiting alone the first day and when several people (Eduardo, Kyle, Ramon, Chip) showed up on Friday the wind was marginal. By the way, it was 120 degrees in Hermosillo yesterday.

Below is a post I put up on my facebook page.

Aquí está un video hecho por la banda de kiteos en el sur en Colima. Pienso que podríamos hacer un mejor video con nuestra banda de kiteos. Tengo una cámara que puedo traer pero yo no tengo el tiempo de hacer la redacción. ¿Cualquier voluntario?