Saturday, April 27, 2013

Go Jesus!

First, here is a photo of our kiteboard hangout building:

The wind on Friday was very light and marginal for most of us, but it worked out great for Jesus. Most of you regular kiters know Jesus. He's the guy that comes down from Nogales a couple of times a month,  puts his kite in the air and keeps it there all day as he practices his kite flying skills. All that practice paid off as he was finally comfortable getting the board on his feet and he was popping out of the water and getting full runs on the board in both directions. Congratulations Jesus! 

Forecast for Saturday and Sunday looks good. Buoy says 15 to 20 knots both days.

Oh, about the building. I was told that it is being remodeled into a bar/restaurant called La Salsa.   

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  1. Anonymous11:55 AM

    La Salsa? hahaha....Just what we need. another bar on the beach. At least we have a selection.


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