Monday, April 15, 2013

Don't Miss This One

The forecast is saying that we are going to have nice wind later this week. Starting Wednesday and going maybe until Saturday. Water temperature charts show that the water is still only about 70 F, but it sure feels warmer than that. Several people are already kiting without wetsuits. Last year we had some good sessions until well into June. Check out the blog from last May, and June,

Just in case we don't have such good luck this year we should all make an effort to be kiting this week.

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  1. I'm coming up from Patzcuaro, Barra de Navidad, GDL, Mazatlan, and a few other places for my yearly drive home. This will be April 27th. If it's windy, I'll stay a week. Need to make kitesancarlos part of my yearly pilgrimage.
    Hasta Pronto


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