Monday, March 18, 2013


There hasn't been a lot to report but the main reason for the lack of posts is that I've been busy with work and teaching kiting. I've got to make more time to enjoy paradise. The forecast for this week doesn't look too promising but you never know. Almost daily they change the forecast such that a day that was supposed to be good changes to nothing and a southerly day turns into a good northwesterly. We just have to play it day by day. A lot of days the air temperature is getting into the 80's but the water hasn't warmed up very much.

The beach is starting to get crowded already on the weekends and Semana Santa is coming in a week. This puts a lot of people dangerously close to the action. We need to consider getting better organized and maybe posting warnings about entering the kiting area. In some other areas the kiters have formed a legal organization and received a use concession for a section of the beach they use. I would hate to see us be banned due to being incompatible with other peoples use of the beach.

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