Thursday, October 21, 2010

Daily Sessions Possible

There hasn't been a lot of wind but almost every day it blows for a while, usually early afternoon. Lately it seems to be best from noon until 3:00. It will peak at over 20 knots but it doesn't last. Yesterday just Tyler and I made it out to the beach at about 2:00 and we had a nice session but it was over by 3 o'clock. I hope to get out there earlier today, but at 11:30 there is no wind in town. Forecast doesn't predict much until late next week.

Roberto is back in town but doesn't expect to do much kiting this year - too many aches and pains from years of running marathons.

Well, just when I think I've got the weather figured out, it throws us a curve ball. A few of us went out to the beach early to get a session in and gave up about 3:00 because the wind never picked up enough. Then, about 4:00 it started to blow. Arghh.

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