Friday, October 08, 2010

Awesome Start

Day one of the first multiple day session of the season was excellent. A total of five kiters made it out to the beach starting around 12:30 and going until sunset. I really had an enjoyable day. I've been watching a bit of Fuel TV lately and have been inspired by how incredible some of these guys are in different extreme sports. The strong wind and warm water made it ideal to power up and go for it. A couple of times I dug in hard to pop a big one. Unfortunately I lost my orientation on one big jump and as I was rotating I pulled with the wrong hand (I hate it when I do that.) I looked up and saw the kite half way through a loop and tried to bale but I was so high that I came in flat and hard on my back. Suffered a concussion with momentary loss of consciousness and a moment of confusion. Symptoms remained mild so I am not too worried. Still, I'll take it easy for a bit. Good thing I had a helmet and an impact vest on. At 60 years I need all the protection I can get.

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