Saturday, July 04, 2009


Still not much wind, so I've had to search for solutions to this problem. The most promising seems to be the open area of the estuary Soldado across from where the oyster farm used to be. I went there today with Kevin, a beginning kiter from San Diego. Wind was very light, less than 14 knots and sometimes less than 10 knots. I was able to get out on my 14m kite and have some fun, although my jumps were pretty limited. Kevin struggled a bit but still had a good session.

This part of the estuary is wide enough, is very shallow, no wind obstructions and with flat water that seems saltier so has better flotation. The north end has a good launch area but much of the rest of the shoreline has some nasty brush nearby.

Friday was the annual cross dressing party at the Soggy Peso. It was hilarious. Here is a link to my post of the party in 2006:

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