Thursday, June 25, 2009


We continue to have very little wind.

Sometimes we try to take advantage of stormy weather approaching to get in a kite session. Here is a reminder to be careful:

And here is a statement from the International Kiteboarding Organization:

IKO would like to send its condolences to the family of the Italian kiter that lost his life in a terrible accident on Saturday June 20, 2009 in"Campo di Mare" near Rome. We hope that the other kiters involved will make full recoveries and return to the water once again. We all must use this as a reminder to never fly our kites high when on the beach. These men were all experienced but still were caught in an ascencional wind gust of unbelievable force.Even while speaking on the beach do not fly your kite in zenith. Please land your kite when you get to shore. Let this be a warning from mother nature that we are all vulnerable to her wrath, so always practice safe kiting!

We all take more chances than we should. So be careful.

I wear an impact vest and plan on buying a helmet, not that either one would have saved this unfortunate kiter.

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