Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kiters Coming

This week the wind has been up and down. Most days there has been enough to get out, although it has been gusty. I came down off a big jump and bruised my back on Wednesday and haven't been out since. I may take one more day off before getting back on the water. This coming Wednesday looks to be the only day this week that the wind is not going to blow. On Saturday a group of ten kiters from Arizona are coming down and will be staying at the Paradiso Hotel, which is right where we kite. It will be great to see a bunch of new people on the beach.

Here is a shot of Gerald. He has made some real progress and is getting lots more time on the board, but still has to walk back up wind some. He is an inspiration for a lot of people. If I remember correctly, he should be 78 years old this year.

And here is a photo of another nice day in San Carlos.

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