Tuesday, February 26, 2008

After a great weekend of kiting last week we had a few days off before the next good blow started up. During the break we saw air temperatures into the 90's, well above normal. Yesterday it was 86. This also means that the water temperature is also finally starting to warm up, although it is still in the low 60's.
This Saturday and Sunday had nice wind and then it got a little nasty on Monday. It was real gusty with sand blowing head high down the beach. It was still fun, though.

I've been flying my new kite in all conditions to get a feel for what it can do. The low end is incredible. It is a 10M Best Nemesis HP and I've had great sessions down to 10 knots. The high end has been a little disappointing as it gets to be over powered above 25 knots. The stated range for this kite is 13 to 33, and to be fair, I did still have a couple more adjustments at the kite that I could have used to depower it more. Today it is supposed to nuke again so I'll have a chance to try it again in 25+ knots. Boosting big air with this kite is the best that I've experienced. Hang time is great.

A few of us (6 so far) are making plans to go to South Padre last week in March and first week of April. I went last year and we all had a great time. Only problem is that access to the best kite spot on the bay, Holly Beach has been cut off. Hopefully the conditions will be good for wave riding as we are staying at the Holiday Inn right on the water on the Gulf side. If anyone else is interested in going and wants more details you can write me at kite420 @ gmail.com.

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