Sunday, November 25, 2007

Weekend Wind

Not much wind this week until Friday, which was light. Saturday was good. Strong winds, gusting to 25 knots or more. The wind was coming out of the north a little too much which results in it passing over and around obstructions on land instead of blowing in clean from the sea. That gives us wind that is gusty and swirly. Even though conditions were not ideal, we had a lot of kiters out. At times there were seven or eight kiters in a fairly small area, but most people find a slot to kite in and can avoid crowding anyone. I tried taking some videos with my still camera to see how it does and to have something to post now that this blog supports video. I didn't get anything really good, but I am posting one anyway, just to see how this works. Hoping for wind all of this week but the forecast keeps changing. We'll see what happens.

Well, the video failed to upload all the way and I got an error message. I'll try again later.

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