Friday, November 30, 2007

Howling Wind

The wind is howling. The only problem is that it is 9 at night. We've been waiting weeks for a good blow so when the forecast called for a storm to move through here with 25 to 40 knot winds we got excited. Christian drove down from Phoenix this morning but there was very little wind all day. Finally about 3:30 it started to pick up. I went over to Chris' house to tell him it was starting and he said let's go. So off we went to the beach by Pilar Condos and set up our equipment. The wind would pick up a little and then die off. It still hadn't picked up enough and we were running out of daylight. Finally I said it was now or never and we got out for a few short runs. Apart from a gust here or there, there really wasn't enough wind. We stayed as late as we could and it was dark by the time we got packed up and headed back to town. Right about then the wind came in. And it kept building. Right now it is blowing 25 - 30 knots with stronger gusts and the surf is breaking way out. Too bad it is 9 o'clock at night.

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