Friday, September 28, 2007

They Are Coming!

The north-westerly winds are coming. Tuesday I had a nice day out on the water on my 14 meter kite and big board. The forecast had a possibility of a repeat on Wednesday but I don’t know what it was like. I had to drive back up to Tucson to take care of a car problem. When I drove down on Saturday I got to Hermosillo at the same time as a huge thunderstorm. Streets were flooded, cars were stalled, and some traffic lights were out. It was a mess. I drove through one intersection where the water was up to my bumper. Apparently this allowed a piece of dirt to enter the axle seal on the gear box and causing an oil leak. Three days later I filled the manual transmission and found that it was a quart low. It only holds 2 quarts so it was down a lot. I didn’t dare wait for fear that the leak may worsen and I’d be stuck in Mexico unable to make the drive back. I also didn’t want to void my warranty by having it repaired in Mexico so I made a quick dash back to Tucson. Problem is being fixed and I’ll be on my way back to San Carlos in the morning. Forecast calls for okay wind on Monday. I’ll be ready.

Yesterday I had some time to kill so I went for a hike in Reddington Pass. It was a really nice day, although still a bit hot. There was a small amount of water flowing but the pools were brown with lots of algae. I only saw one other person in the canyon. The only thing that spoiled the afternoon was the amount of trash. Beer cans, sometimes piles of them, were everywhere. I have never seen anything like it.

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