Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Wake Me Up When the Summer is Over

The trip to Cape Cod was a nice break and I'll be going back in just a couple of weeks.

Thank God!

San Carlos is pretty boring this time of year. It is hard to find something that you want to do outside because the heat is oppressive. It isn't bad if you are just sitting at home in front of an air conditioner or even outside in the shade if there is a breeze blowing on you. You can still get out hiking or biking or kayaking but how long do you really want to be out in this sun? To me, even sailing or going fishing is just too much sitting around and baking.

I still get to the gym on a regular basis and Saturday I went spearfishing and got a nice cabrilla. I also managed to get out kiteboarding for a couple of hours on Sunday; so I do get out of the house. Maybe it is just because I am comparing the weather here to that of Cape Cod that is making me complain so much.

In Cape Cod it was a joy to do anything outside, and there are lots of places to go and things to see and do. So, I ask, what am I doing here in San Carlos? Good question. I don't plan on making the same mistake next year. This is the 14th year that I have spent at least a part of the summer here and that is enough. To all of my friends that keep inviting me to go visit them in some other location - BE WARNED - I am coming.

All right, enough ranting. Here are some more photos from Cape Cod.

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