Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New England Weather

I am in Cape Cod, Massachusetts until the middle of September. New England is known for its fickle weather and this week has been even stranger than normal. We had near record cool weather for five days and now we are to have record heat this weekend and then return to record cold early next week. Going from highs in the sixties to high nineties and then back again. Wind has been in the 10 to 14 knot range until today when it picked up to over 20. My big kite is now a 14M '07 North Rhino and it has more low end power than any of the bigger kites that I used to fly. Most of the week I was the only one at the beach but today, Friday, there were seven or eight guys out on the water. Tomorrow should be even busier with predictions of hot weather and wind in the 20's.

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