Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Where Did the Wind Go?

Saturday was one of those nasty 15 - 35 knot days that was not very inviting, especially since the forecast looked good for the following days. Well, the following days haven't lived up to the predictions. There has been some wind but rather light and only for part of the afternoon. Monday I got out the 30M monster kite and had a great session on it. The pull is incredibly steady and the jumps are not high but very floaty. Plenty of time to do your trick and spot your landing.

Yesterday the wind came up and I put up my 19.5 Cabinha Contra. I bought it because it was supposed to be an exceptional light wind kite. It is a good kite and I had a nice time on it but it really isn't anything special. While I was on my 19.5 Roberto was on his 10M kite and a skimboard. Gerald was on a 15M kite and had his best day ever, getting some nice rides in both directions.

Scott made it out too, just in time to set up his gear and watch the wind completely die. Today is supposed to be light as well and then should pick up again Thursday. Weather has been warm with the drop in the wind but the water is still cold, colder than last month. It is back down to near 60 degrees. Brrrr.

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