Thursday, March 01, 2007

Still Blowing

The wind has been strong a lot lately. Gusts up to 30 knots, often times even higher. It is good once you are out on the water but it is real nasty on the beach. Sand is sometimes blowing head high.

Here is a screen shot of the forecast for four days. Bear in mind that these numbers are averages and that we usually get more wind than they predict out at the kite beach. Roberto and I launched off of San Francisco Beach near Champs today and Carlos came out a little later. Real spotty wind until you got out about a kilometer or so. We went way out, found the wind, found some waves, had fun.


  1. hey, awesome post, just bought seamgrip - thank to you. little question, what sites you like to check wind at?

  2. Hi Timofey, this is Don. I like to use Wind Guru. You can use their “spot search” to find just about any place. If you register you can set up a custom page with all your favorites, as I have done.


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