Thursday, November 16, 2006

Still Hasn't Kicked In

Tuesday was a good 15 to 22 knot day and most days have some wind but the seasonal northwesterlies still aren't blowing as much as normal. Most winters we get several days in a row of strong wind followed by a couple of off days all winter starting in October and continuing up to May. Even the off days are usually kiteable but sometimes with a big kite and only for a couple of hours. If you aren't at the beach at the right time, you'll miss it.

Jeff has been going nuts doing his back roll with a kiteloop. He nails them most of the time. We also have had a number of new people to the sport out at the beach. It is great seeing people getting excited about learning to kiteboard. Most everyone has taken or is taking lessons. Make sure your instructor is PASA or IKO certified so you know he uses the latest and safest methods. Jeff is PASA certified and he follows their curriculum. There is another rogue instructor on the beach that should be avoided. Jeff can be contacted through his site at

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