Saturday, November 04, 2006

Great Wind, Finally

Finally we are getting the conditions that we expect for this time of the year, wind in the 15 to 25 knot range. We just had three days of strong wind, today's prediction is for a day off, and then the forecast is for two more good days. From the middle of October until May we expect to have five good wind days a week. The weather lately has given us exceptional beach days. The days have been getting close to 90 degrees and the water, after cooling off to close to 70, has warmed back up to 77. This brings lots of people out to the beach for a real festive time. All too soon the water will be frigid, the wind will be cold, and the sand will be blowing too much to stretch out on the beach.
For those of you not familiar with our kite site, this is a picture of the bay. We have great wind, flat water, and sandy beaches on a horseshoe shaped bay. In short, a perfect place to kiteboard.

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