Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Big Swell

There has been enough wind to get out on a big kite late in the day Sunday and Monday. Today, Tuesday, I got out on my 11M. There was a big swell, but it breaks too close to shore to take advantage of it. This week is Semana Santa, which is a big holiday week here. The beaches are already getting busy but it will really get crazy in a couple of days.

Not only did we have big swells but we had a big kite being launched by a big idiot directly upwind of people on the beach. Moments after this photo was taken this kiter got lofted and crashed through the people seated on the beach. What is worse is that he was instructing a novice at the time.

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  1. The only idiot is the guy posting this blog. I didn't crash through anyone, it was a safe light wind launch. The other instructor at the beach usaually has a beer in his hand when he is teaching and doesn't even have a visa to work in the country and has injured himself on countless occasions now. Quite an example of how it should be done.


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