Sunday, August 17, 2014

Day After Day

Nothing is like it used to be. I know I'm not.

But, here I'm talking about the weather. The last winter season was milder than ever and now the summer is unlike any that I've seen here in San Carlos. Day after day I wake up to flat seas, clouds, and lots of humidity. And very little wind.

Usually the wind comes from the southeast in the winter. It comes straight up the Sea of Cortez and brings with it some of the turbulent tropical weather. It normally pushes waves up coming from the Pacific Ocean and the storms down south. (It also brings us the Portuguese Man o' War.) For nine years I lived in front of the sea. I always had wind and always had waves crashing against the sea wall. Not this year.

This year the wind has come mostly from the southwest. From Baja. Light winds, calm seas. Should be good for the fishermen but I hear the Dorado season has been poor. No waves at the beach to play in. Most folks don't bother to go to the beach until after 5pm. Too hot. Water temperature has been 90 degrees for a month already.

What's next?

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