Saturday, April 26, 2014

Big Kites

Get out the big kites. The forecast is calling for light winds the next few days and then more wind for Tuesday and Wednesday. Light wind seems to be becoming the normal here. One advantage of having a big kite is that it makes kiting in the summer possible as well. For most of us a 13M or 15M kite should be plenty - you big guys might try a 17M. Years ago we all had a big kite in our quiver - usually between 17M and 20M. I still have a 30M from those days. Back then we were happy just to get out on the water. I used to kite up to 200 days a year.  I guess I got spoiled over the years with season after season of high wind excitement and got in the habit of waiting for the "good days." The adrenalin rush is addictive.

The forecast is showing that some days the wind may be a bit westerly. If so, the wind next door at La Manga will be much steadier.

I wish I could be here this week but I've got an appointment in Tucson for Monday, so I'll probably stay a few days up there.

Watch out for people on the beach and fly safe.

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