Thursday, February 27, 2014

Not Much Wind - Still a Lot of Fun

There hasn't been much wind the last couple of weeks. Yesterday and today were weak but it was enough to have some great days with loads of fun. It was the last two san carlos kiting days for Gary. Bye Gary. Besides being a nice guy he always brings wind.

The forecast continues to look weak but weak wind really has been enough for many of the kiters. I have a 12M kite so the light air doesn't kill it for me. I've also started to kite a little in La Manga. Haven't done that very much the last few years but it is a nice change, especially when the wind is light.

I usually tell people that it's no big deal to enter La Manga from where the lagoon exits. I may not be advising that any more. Due to several things going wrong all at once, I got washed up on the rock hill at the entrance. No damage done- I had to kick the board off and then managed to time a wave and boosted with the kite to place me standing up high enough on the hill to be above the waves and climbed up and over the rest of the hill. Climbed back down on the other side but then had to go back out to recover my board. Then I walked around the hill and entered La Manga from the hotel side - much safer.

Expecting wind on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.

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