Friday, January 17, 2014

New Wind Meter

Glen has installed a wind meter on his house on Algodones Bay and it is awesome. Very reliable at giving us an accurate reading of the conditions. Forget about Chucho. This week the forecasts have shown marginal winds and Chucho has shown very light wind, but it's been blowing almost every afternoon. You wouldn't know it from what it is doing in town. Right now I don't see any indications of good wind off the coast in town but Glen's meter says 18 to 20. I'm heading out there as soon as I post this.

OOOps.... I may have spoken too soon. Now it says 13 - which is more in line with Buoy Weather's forecast. Damn.

One of those "no wind days."

Moria, the Spin Queen, doing a 360.

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