Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Week

This week is looking really good. The wind is forecast to be a bit north at times and a bit light at times but now that we've been pushed to kiting closer to the point, those considerations aren't so important anymore. Lately the conditions haven't looked all that great on line or even on the beach, but once on the water it's all been good.

It seems like every year we'll get a few days when lots of kiters show up and we all fear that our little slice of heaven is going to be ruined. And then weeks will go by when only a handfull come to the beach. Friday there were two of us. Today is Sunday, let's see how many come. Forecast is for 15 to 20 knots - perfect! Water is still warmer than normal, about 63 degrees.

Two good bits of news. One is that Telmex finally connected my internet. The other is that we passed the shortest day of the year and every day will be a little bit longer. Yea!

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