Monday, December 03, 2012


First, a wind report. I didn't make it out to the beach today but it looks like it picked up after 2:00 pm enough to kite. Tomorrow looks really good and possibly Wednesday. Then nothing is forecast until Monday.

Someone left a pump at the beach and Daren has it. Problem is that he is out of town for two weeks. He was going to leave it with me but then we forgot about it.

About a month ago I posted about a lost harness. Well, there is a guy that comes by the beach and sells clams and sometimes he just hangs out. His name is José. He claims he found the harness and that he pawned it for $600 pesos and would need that amount to reclaim it. Bullshit. He later offered the harness to Jesus from Nogales for $300 pesos. I've known José to be a thief and a liar for years. He has been known to "find" equipment before it is lost and then tries to sell it back to the original owner. Be aware and watch your equipment when he is around.

Also, if you are the last person to leave the beach - please look around and see if anything was left behind. Pick up anything you see and let me know and I'll post about it here on this blog.

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