Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I didn't make it out to the beach Wednesday due to WORK. I do still have a wind update, though. Here it is, thanks to Sue Mohr:

Today the wind was generally the pits. Except when Glenn did a down-winder from La Manga 2. The wind was perfect at 1:30 for that. He made it to Algodones in no time flat. Then it was great for awhile, quite strong and smooth. Then I went out for a short time and it was good too. Then the wind went weird, and the second time I went out my kite fell out of the air, the wind shut off completely and everyone came straggling in (Glenn had to drag all the way down to Costa del Mar). Then when we left at 5:00 the wind came up really strong and smooth. By that time, only Fernando and Ramon and Nico were left. Glenn left his surfboard on the beach yesterday (as I was not there to pick up after him!) and didn’t realize it until he went to get it out of the van when we got to La Manga 2. When he enquired at Bonifacio’s there was a note from a Mexican kiteboarder to say that he had it, and he dropped it off today.

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  1. That was me the nice kiteboarder who left the note LOL ... Saludos!!!
    Rogelio Baidon


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