Monday, October 31, 2011

Does It Get Any Better?

These days have been incredible. I missed the first couple of days of this series and will miss tomorrow as well because of a lot of work, but the two days that I have attended have been great. The wind has only been blowing 15 knots and just a few years ago we would have been on 17 or 19 meter kites but now we are powered up on 9's and 10's. This means that we are kiting on flat water. And these days we don't just have flat water, but flat warm water. The warm water won't last much longer and the wind is bound to start blowing hard and we will move on to a whole other set of conditions to play in. Almost as much fun as working on tweaking old moves and trying new moves is watching this great bunch of kiters doing the same thing. We've had some new kiters just starting out and their enthusiasm is contagious. What a wonderful bunch of people to spend the day with. Thank you all. And those of you that have been missing these sessions: get your priorities in order and get your ass out there.


  1. fernando and juan pablo9:03 AM

    inspiring for starting the season

  2. Jimeh6:17 AM

    I'm on my way down..Keep the wind blow"n..JIMEH


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