Saturday, July 02, 2011

Back to Normal

Well, we had two days of northwest winds but today it is back to blowing out of the south. Unfortunately my interpretation of the forecast was wrong and Thursday was the good day with 20 knots and Friday was only 12 knots. Consequently I was kiting alone the first day and when several people (Eduardo, Kyle, Ramon, Chip) showed up on Friday the wind was marginal. By the way, it was 120 degrees in Hermosillo yesterday.

Below is a post I put up on my facebook page.

Aquí está un video hecho por la banda de kiteos en el sur en Colima. Pienso que podríamos hacer un mejor video con nuestra banda de kiteos. Tengo una cámara que puedo traer pero yo no tengo el tiempo de hacer la redacción. ¿Cualquier voluntario?

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