Monday, February 23, 2009

I was in Tucson most of last week but the kite gang told me I didn't miss much. It blew, but it was nasty and gusty. It gets that way here once in a while. Since I've been back the wind has been better. The rest of this week looks good. February and March are usually our best months for wind. Carnaval (out local version of Mardi Gras) has been going on in Guaymas. Because of Carnaval and some great weather there has been a lot of people at the beach.
A bunch of school age kids from Hermosillo are taking up the sport and it can get pretty crazy out on the water some days while they go through the learning process.
I heard that the Paridiso Hotel, our launch location, has been sold. We will have to see what that means for our beach access.

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