Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fun in the Sun and Wind

The wind hasn't been great, but it has been blowing enough to let us get out on the water for a while almost every day. Yesterday it blew over 20 knots for a couple of hours but the rest of the afternoon was variable. It was still a great day at the beach. The water is cooling off and I've started using my wetsuit but others are still kiting without one.

I got an email from Ricardo, he is working in Playa del Carmen and trying to cope with the lighter winds that they have there.

Helmut and Peggy should be arriving the first part of December as will be Glen and Sue. Dave and Jackie will also be coming down from Canada. Jean-Francois and Karen will visit in December as well.

Stuart should be here in a couple of days and is staying until the middle of January. Gerald will be back, but not until January.

Roberto is in Brazil and has gotten in 50 days of kiting in two months. He will be here around the 15th of December.

It will be great to have a bunch of people to kite with.

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