Saturday, August 02, 2008

Few and Far Between

Our kitable days have been few and far between. Last Saturday it blew south for a few hours and Luque, Jeff, and I got out at Condos Pilar. Wednesday we actually had wind from the West that was enough to kite at La Manga. The forecast for today, Saturday, is again calling for a good southerly wind and Luque and myself are planning on checking out the conditions at Cochórit, near Empalme.
It seems like the summer winds are worse every year. There aren't a lot of convenient alternatives. Rocky Point seems to be a lot better but still only gets wind maybe three days a week. Even Progresso in the Yucatan isn't much better. Other than that, there isn't much wind in Mexico this time of the year. The popular summer kiting destinations include the Gorge, Hatteras, Dominican Republic, and Brazil.
Maybe next year.
I'll have to put up with these winds for another two weeks and then I'll return to Cape Cod.


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