Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cape Cod

I've been in Cape Cod for ten days or so but haven't been able to post anything here because the hard drive on my computer went out on me. I am finally back up and running, so here is an update on the kiting conditions. Wind has been good. Yesterday was great.
Above is a photo sent to me by Leigh of the action yesterday at West Dennis Beach. West Dennis Beach is one of the best places north of North Carolina for kiteboarding during the summer. The wind is about as strong as anywhere, there is a protective jetty that gives us a wide area of flat water, and there are very few sunbathers on the beach. We only had six or so kiters out at any one time yesterday so there is plenty of room. Part of the reason for this is that part of the parking lot is closed off to protect some nesting birds and we have to walk a long ways to reach the kite beach. There is also a fee to park, but since I live in the town I get a season permit.

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