Sunday, January 20, 2008

We have had several days of nice wind but the forecast calls for very little action this coming week. The only good thing is that the warm days should heat the water up a little more. Next weekend there is a big kite expo at La Ventana in Baja. There will be competitions and most of the kite companies will be there with their latest gear available to demo. The only thing that they won't have is wind. The forecast looks terrible.

Lots of days the wind has been cold and gusty but that hasn't stopped us from enjoying the kiting and it hasn't stopped people from coming out to the Soggy Peso Bar to watch us. The flat water is great for trying out new tricks so the spectators get to see lots of great maneuvers and lots of great crashes. Everything takes place in a small area just off the beach because that is where the wind and flat water is due to the configuration of a spit of land connecting to an island off the point. We have to stay within 200 yards of shore or we would go behind the island and run out of wind.

Here is Joe, about to leave the beach for a session. He is still struggling a little bit with his technique and so was using a board leash. Unfortunately he got lofted out on the water and the board hit him near his ankle hard enough to do some real damage. He will be out of action for a few weeks. It has been a bad week for ankles as Glenn hurt his Saturday when coming into the beach. I haven't heard how bad it is but it looked like it will put him out of action for at least a little while.

Paula and Scott stopped in for a few days of kiting on their way to Ventana. The ferry was delayed due to high seas so they stayed longer than planned. Paula is an awesome kiter. She also let us try out the new Freak Dog kites. Nice kites. Thanks Paula.

Below is a photo of Paula's dog. He loves to bring her board up from the water for her when she is done with a session.

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