Friday, October 12, 2007

A Great Begining

The season has started off with 8 good kite days out of the last 9. Not expecting any wind today, but maybe tomorrow. The wind on most days was gusting over 20 knots. Measured a gust of 28 yesterday. I don't have a wind meter set up, just a handheld that I use to check the wind a couple of times during the day, so it could have gusted higher. Even with that much wind I was still able to use my 14M Rhino that I had set up earlier in the day when the wind was lighter. First time that I've tried to test out the high end of that kite's range. The low end is around 10 knots. I have never seen a kite with a wider wind range than the North Rhinos.

Christian and Arizona Lou drove down from Phoenix to take advantage of the early wind. Both were looking real good out there and were liking the smooth conditions to improve their skills. Chris has less than 20 sessions on the water, but here he is getting some air.

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