Monday, February 19, 2007


We stayed a week in Tulum. Loved the place. Weather was great; low 80's, some clouds, some rain. The town itself is along the highway and is only several blocks long and goes a few blocks in on both sides. Lots of restaurants and shops and a few cheap hotels including a couple of hostels that are less than $10 a night. Food was excellent and cost was reasonable. Had a huge piece of yellow fin tuna that was one of the best meals I've had in a long time. The beach is down the road a mile or so and has mostly small resorts cut out of the jungle.

We stayed at the Maya Hotel which was in town right on the main drag. We had a second floor room facing the road with a large balcony that gave us a view of what was going on below. It was almost next to the Hostel which was filled with young European travellers so it was great entertainment just to sit and watch and maybe drink a beer or two. We paid about $45 a night for the three of us.
The wind was light most of the time while we were in Tulum, but we did get out kiting a couple of times.
We also had plenty of time to explore the Mayan ruins of Tulum and Cobá.
The water was warm enough that we could go snorkeling without wetsuits. One day we went out from the beach and saw a good size shark feeding on something on the reef, a small school of BIG barracuda, and a couple of sea turtles. We spent part of every day at the beach because it was beautiful. A great place to relax. It didn't hurt that there were different topless young European girls on the beach every day as well.

After a week in paradise the wind was going to switch to the north and that meant we had to go north to find a beach exposed to that direction. Jeff had found a job as a kiteboarding instructor so we left him there in Tulum. He seems to like the surroundings okay. We will miss him out on the beach back in San Carlos. Adios Jeff.

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