Monday, January 22, 2007

A Week of Other Stuff

The wind is supposed to return today but there has been very little for over a week. The weather has been cold, cloudy, and we've had rain a couple of nights, even hail. This means we have been forced to find other stuff to do. The other day Roberto, Jeff, and I hiked to the top of Illusion Rock. Nice hike, a little challenging, with lots of caves and great views. Pictures are below. We also found what appears to be airplane wreckage from when they crashed a plane during the filming of the movie Catch 22 in 1970.

The fishing has been good for yellowtail and we made up a big platter of sushi a few nights ago. Below is a shot of part of the local commercial catch. They will fill up those trucks and then they are off to Guadalajara and from there the fish go all over Mexico and beyond.


  1. Anonymous5:17 PM

    Hey Don!!!!!!!!!! what's up? i enjoy reading your blog very much... it reminds me of the whole hang out crew, carlos, jeff, roberto...i miss Mexico a lot and i miss's freaking cold here this week, close to -25celcius... god! when I think I could be in Mx learning all about kiteboarding right now! but hey! maybe next summer.. who knows?

  2. Anonymous1:43 PM

    I know the fat guy in the picture, his name is Jesus Matzumiya, is owner of 15 boats, and he is a furtive predator of the natural resources in San Carlos. Hi does not matter kill dolphins, sea turtles (cahuamas) or sea lions, the only interest of this man is only make money using illegal fisher nets for the extraction of Dorado and Jurel like you can see in this photo it is a big trouble and SEMARNAP oficiers cannot find a solution... well really they had find $olution$.
    waht a sad...!

    Congratulations for this blog!


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