Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Good Wind is Back

The strong northerlies are back, at least they were for the last two days. The forecast doesn't call for anything for the next five days but they have been wrong before. Yesterday Jeff and I were powered up on 9M kites, first time since last season. I forgot how quick those kites are. So much fun, such big air.

I tried out a couple of new boards that Jeff picked up this summer. I was a little skeptical of his Cabrina Icon 138 because it has a lot of rocker and I was going to use it when the wind was already dying late in the day, but it felt great. The next day I used his 142 Airush in powered conditions and does that board ever dig in. No sliding around the turns, that board grabs the water more than my small boards. It goes where you point it.

The water and air temperatures are still great, but I am already using my shorty wetsuit as the wind gets chilly late in the day. It will be full wetsuit weather in two or three weeks as the water cools off quickly this time of year.

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