Thursday, September 21, 2006

Back in San Carlos

Well, it has been over a month since my last entry. Not much kiteboarding going on. In Cape Cod there were only a few days of good wind and it was mostly too cold to get me out on the water. I should have brought my full wet suit. I got back to San Carlos a couple of days ago and although there hasn't been much wind there has been a lot of anticipation for the coming season. Jeff went to North Carolina and got his teaching certification and besides the latest teaching techniques he brought down lots of new stuff. New kites, new boards, new videos, a land board, and a great trampoline with an enclosure that allows you to try out all kinds of moves without any danger of bouncing off and killing yourself.

I thought that I had already posted a photo of San Carlos' newest resident but I don't see it anywhere so I will post it here. His name is Noah. He is only two days old in this picture. He was born to Jeff and Kellie, who stayed here in Mexico for the birth which was around the 11th of August. Congratulations.

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