Monday, August 07, 2006

Still Hot in San Carlos

I've been back in San Carlos for over a week and the weather has mostly been hot and humid and it is pretty quiet in town, as is usual for this time of year. After having a great two weeks in tropical Dominican Republic it is hard to get used to the conditions here. Too hot for most land excursions, diving visibility locally tends to be poor for days after a storm, and there is enough wind to keep the sea stirred up but not enough to go sailing or kite boarding.

Yesterday was a nice exception. We had strong wind out of the northwest. A little cooler and drier. And enough to go kite boarding. Jeff and I had a great day. We put up our big kites but really could have gone smaller as we were over powered much of the time. It blew all day from around 11:00 AM until sunset. Didn't get any pictures; too busy playing in the wind and water.

Two other notes: There has been enough rain that everything is nice and green. And Kellie from the Hangout is still patiently waiting to have her baby. She is 41 weeks or so.

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