Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Sea Lion Frenzy

For about a week now we have had more sea lions in the bay in front of my house than I have ever seen here. There are several groups that probably total around two hundred in all. They are very approachable, curious, and love to play. I went out to see them by kayak last Saturday , the 25th of March, and had a blast.
I would chase them and then they would chase me, coming right next to me, leaping out of the water, and then speeding away. They obviously enjoy showing off and competed for my attention. There was one huge male that suddenly stopped in front of me and forced me to turn to avoid hitting him. I almost rode up on his back, but he was just waiting for me to get close and then he rolled on his side and made a tremendous splash that completely drenched me. That got my attention.

I went out again yesterday with a couple of girls from next door that are here on vacation and the sea lions gave them a great show. Anybody that is currently in San Carlos should get out there and check this out, who knows how long they will hang around.

Oh, about the wind - not much today. About 10 knots from the west. Enough to go kite boarding with a big kite but not enough to be powered up and we didn't bother to go out. Nice day at the beach though.

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  1. hey, the guy doing this blog looks like a guy I dated 15yrs ago!! Damn he,s hot! Anyhow really cool site ....visit every day to see how the winds are.


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